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At S&H Coatings we are aware that a company’s success does not only depend upon the quality of its products or services.

The image it projects can very often be let down by its exterior and interior appearance. To most people, shabby premises and surroundings means a shabby business.

Atmospheric pollution is not selective and will attack anything that is untreated. Your company premises are under attack at the moment. Until now, it has been very difficult to restore certain materials to their former condition but through new developments and procedures S&H Coatings can give your image the boost it deserves.

Our Services include:

  • • Suspended Ceiling Cleaning and Restoration
  • • Exterior Cladding Cleaning and Surface Restoration
  • • Specialist Multi-Storey Car Park Decorating
  • • Window and Door Frame Cleaning and Restoration
  • • Exterior Brick, Stone and Roof Tile Cleaning
  • • Customer Walkways and Main Entrance Barrel Vault.
  • • Polycarbonate and Frame Cleaning.
  • • Polycarbonate Surface Restoration
  • • Exterior Block Paving Cleaning



First Impressions

Public Access

Pathways, paving and hard standing can now be brought back to their original colour and condition after the removal of oil, grease, diesel, chewing gum or even moss etc. On walkways, polycarbonate sheeting on entrance barrel vaults can be restored to its original clarity.


Our cleaning procedures normally give a new looking appearance, but there are occasions when cladding requires restoration due to surface erosion and colour distortion. We have a restoration process of applying two-pack enamel pigmented coatings.


Multi-Storey Car Parks

We have a lot of experience in the multi-storey and underground parking sector. Often little or no natural light is let into such structures yet they are places where the general public have a strong desire to feel safe. By utilising S & H Coating’s experience in dealing with low light levels in Car Parks you can be assured of only the very best cleaning and decorating methods used by our professionals.



Suspended Ceilings

We can remove surface staining and contamination on ceilings with our normal cleaning procedure. However, we have developed a material which covers all types of ceilings if the staining is so severe that it needs re-coating. This process will re-instate any colour-distorted or surface damaged ceiling to a new looking appearance. All grids and vents etc., in the ceiling are included in the cleaning operation. The re-coating process does not fill any holes in perforated metal pan type ceilings.




Stainless steel, bronze, aluminium, upvc or powder coated. All can be restored but in the case of aluminium, pitting can be particularly severe. Nonetheless, we can restore them to their original finish and then treat them with enamel or plastic coating to offset the return of corrosion.
Our cleaning procedures and restoration works can be applied to any of the following surfaces.

  • Anodised Aluminium
  • Natural Aluminium
  • PVC & Powder Coated Aluminium
  • Stainless Steel
  • Bronze, Brass or Copper



Wall Cladding

Wall cladding, like any other pre-finished metal cladding does require re-painting over time. And with any cladding it is the focal point of all buildings and gives a great first impression on customers and clients alike. We can restore all types of cladded panel to their original state which also allows you to avoid the costly process of replacing individual cladding panels by using our re-coating systems.

There are various re-coating procedures that we can carry out depending on the level of damage this also allows us to offer the best solution for every individual job and not just use a repetitive re-coating system with this in mind all our works come with a 10 year guarantee in accordance with a bye annual maintenance programme in conjunction and in accordance with the paint manufactures specifications.



All chemicals used are non-toxic and bio-degradable and all chemical residue is washed away after treatment.We ensure that the appropriate access equipment required to complete the works complies with the H.M. Inspectorate of Safety Standards. This normally incorporates using a mobile cradle controlled by hydraulic telescopic extending boomer with a full mobile scaffold tower.

We always ensure that stringent precautions are employed to protect the public and the surrounding work area by using the appropriate signage, barriers and sheeting protection but at all times are mindful to minimise any inconvenience.




All works are carried out to achieve minimum inconvenience to our clients, their staff and customers. Our operators will ensure that the working area is appropriately protected, preventing any damage to fixtures, fittings and all associated surfaces. Our trained operators work quickly and efficiently and will, if necessary, work out of the normal trading hours of the premises in question and will comply with any pre-arranged special requirements.

Upon completion of the work, the site will be left in a neat and tidy condition; all signage, barriers and access equipment will be removed at the end of each working period and upon completion the operators will present a “Satisfaction Sheet” for the client’s signature and comments. Your opinions are important to us as they guarantee our reputation.



Contact Info.

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